Valuable Workplace Policies: Social Media Policy

Jonathan Morse
November 18, 2020

If your business has employees, then some (if not all) have an online presence. As an employer, it’s important to take proactive steps notifying your employees about their responsibilities online, as well as the consequences of their actions online. It’s imperative to address this before an employee finds herself in trouble for inadvertently posting defamatory, malicious, or untrue information about your business, or a coworker, vendor, customer, or competitor. Implementing a Social Media Policy for the workplace assists employees in making responsible decisions about their use of social media as it relates to your business. Further, a Social Media Policy can help protect you and your business from actions if your employees do not adhere to the policy.

Among other items, a Social Media Policy reminds employees that they are responsible for anything they put into the public domain, regardless of whether it’s a chat room, a blog, their personal social media feed, etc. The guidelines established by a Social Media Policy advise employees only to post true, appropriate, and respectful content online. Also, a Social Media Policy can make clear for employees the difference between expressing personal opinions versus expressing information that may come off as the company’s opinion. The goal is to demonstrate to the employee that in no way are they to act as a “spokesperson” for the company with their online presence.

Additionally, a Social Media Policy can be used to address the use of social media while at work, and whether such activity is permissible using company property (such as a work issued cell phone or computer). Also, it can be used to address the use of social media on behalf of the company, such as a company Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram account. If you are interested in protecting your business from the actions of your employees online, contact JLM Law Group to discuss a Social Media Policy.

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