Should Your Website Have a Privacy Policy?

Jonathan Morse
December 28, 2020

Individuals today are particularly wary of what happens to their information online and, whether you know it or not, your business website collects information about its users. Online customers want to know what your business website does with their information and that your business takes steps to protect any personally identifying information collected. Deligent business owenrs publsih a Privacy Policy to disclose what their business and its website do with information collected online, providing liability protection while helping customers feel more comfortable interacting with the business.

There are generally two types of information a website collects, being anonymous information and personally identifying information. The most common type of information collected is anonymous information, and a Privacy Policy can help explain what your business website does with the anonymous information it collects about its users. If your business website collects personally identifiable information, you generally are aware of it because your website provides customers the ability to enter it; for example, their name, address, email, etc. A Privacy Policy is highly recommended for those businesses collecting personally identifying information online.

It is imperative to not simply copy and paste the privacy policy of another website onto your business website. First, this would be copyright infringement. Second, if you do, and the policy does not accurately reflect how you are protecting your customer's information, there can be liability under several statutes, such as the Michigan Consumer Protection Act. A Privacy Policy should be custom drafted and tailored specifically to your business website.

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